Swimming Pool Membrane Repairs

Pool Repairs and Renovations

Remodeling jobs aren’t just for the house anymore. Upgrading the backyard pool is exciting, and it puts new fun and function into the family water park. You might consider implementing changes when it’s time for repairs, but it’s just as much fun to take the plunge and indulge in creative swimming pool remodeling.

If you have an existing pool, it might be time for a renovation. Times have changed. There are more options in pools, including eco-friendly saline (salt water) pools, as well as a tremendous variation of choice in pavers and decking. There are water features we can add to enhance the look of your existing pool. We can replace that old blue tile with updated stonework. We can even do repairs of any kind. This is critical, because it saves you money in the long run. There is new equipment that can save you between 30% to 90% in energy and related costs.

As your pool gets older, its walls and floor eventually need attention. Plaster begins to chip and peel, and natural settling causes structural cracks that you can’t ignore. Take advantage of that resurfacing project, and turn it into a remodeling opportunity. Talk to your contractor about using an aggregate mix for the job. Quartz or pebble materials combined with plaster extend the life of your pool’s new interior with beautiful color and texture. You can opt for a smooth finish, but the aggregate’s natural feel adds comfort and safety to your pool environment.

Changing the waterline tile and coping freshens up the pool’s good looks, and you don’t need to wait for a repair job to enjoy making the upgrade. Tile choices range from faux marble for a formal atmosphere to the playful good looks of multi-colored mosaic. Coping is the technical term for that ledge around the pool that eventually cracks or fades. Tile is a great replacement here too, but patterned concrete holds up better over time and offers wonderful design options. It’s also a safer choice because its texturing makes the coping slip-resistant.

Smart renovations easily turn your pool into a welcoming retreat for guests with special areas for lounging and sun tanning. Round swim-up perches in the shallow end make an ideal spot for summer conversations. Add bench seating against the edge, and you have a built-in party area with semi-submerged seating. Tanning is cooler on a sun shelf, and all this installation takes is an extension over existing pool steps. New lighting is another affordable upgrade, and modern LED systems allow for dramatic designs that let you control the evening glow.

What’s the main difference between a swimming pool remodel and a swimming pool repair?

Usually when a pool is remodeled it refers to renovation work , such as a major overhaul to the pools appearance. A pool repair more than likely refers some type repair completed on a pool filter, pump or minor tile, surface or equipment repair. An example of a pool remodel or renovation would be complete tile and coping renovation or replacement of the pool liner. In our climate usually an in-ground pool will need a complete tile/coping remodel about every 8 to 13 years.

This is a pretty good sized project that can cost thousands of dollars and would easily be considered a pool remodel or renovation. Another example of a pool remodel would be re-surfacing the pool. This could be a new pool plaster or a new pool liner. Like tile and coping this is usually completed every 8 to 13 seasons and is considered a pool remodel. Additional type of remodeling could be re-plumbing the pool underground line or adding on a new feature to an existing pool such as a waterfall or hot tub.

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